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Focusing on the national and international trading of truck and van parts, K&M Global Ltd was established in 2017, following the Management Buy-Out from Dronsfields Ltd and Dronsfields Worldwide. They had a passion to move away from the single make of vehicle that Dronsfields was associated with, K&M now trades with all makes, models and high volumes of vehicles and parts. In addition to automotive vehicles and parts, K&M have diversified into plant and machinery, a line which they are keen to develop further with their shipping routes and supply chain.


Before being introduced to Keytracker’s key and management system, K&M Global Ltd’s system involved having all of their keys in a box along with cardboard luggage tags. This process wasn’t very organised, and keys went missing often due to a lack of structure in the management system. The company decided that they needed a change and wanted something just as simple but far more efficient.


After communicating with a member of Keytracker’s Sales team, K&M Global decided to purchase a mechanical system that has made their operating days much smoother and has even increased their productivity, as they no longer have to waste 30 minutes a day looking for lost keys. Compared to their previous system, Keytracker’s Peg-in, Peg-out Board makes it quick and easy to locate keys.

“It’s been very quick and easy, keys don’t get lost, it’s easy to see who has the keys for a given vehicle and it saves time. To any potential customers interested in Keytracker systems, go for it!”

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