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Bucks Recycling is a Waste Management Company providing skip, roll-on-off and grab-hire services throughout Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. The company was founded in 2000 by Managing Director Tricia Murray. Tricia and her daughter Francesca are still running the business today. Bucks Recycling is Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire’s only mother-daughter-run skip company. Their vision is to create bespoke waste solutions for everyone. They are committed to offering customers an unbeatable skip-hire service at highly competitive rates. They aim not only to meet but also to exceed expectations with every job they carry out.


Before KeyTracker, Buck’s Recycling had no key management process, leading to difficulties in tracking all their vehicle keys. They were misplacing keys, lacking clarity on key ownership, and facing significant security risks. These factors prompted the team at Buck’s Recycling to invest in a key management system.


After careful consideration, Buck’s Recycling reached out to a sales team member from KeyTracker, who assisted them in determining the best key management system for the company. The waste management company bought a mechanical peg-in, peg-out board, offering both security and accountability enforcement. The system prevents key removal without an access peg, all of which are personalised for immediate visualisation of key holders.

“Some benefits or areas where KeyTracker’s system has improved our day-to-day operations are the ability to customise pegs and easily identify VOR vehicles. The business journey with KeyTracker has been simple, easy, and effective. I would tell potential customers to invest in this great product.”

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