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Gill Aggregates Ltd is an innovative aggregate supplier, specialising in quality pre-packed aggregates to the builders’ merchant’s sector. The company is committed to providing high-quality primary aggregates, effective delivery management and outstanding customer service. Growing from strength to strength has made the company one of the biggest independent pre-packed aggregate suppliers in the UK. Gill Aggregates strive to be the best in the market, with their own fleet of vehicles and their dedicated sales service team they offer a one stop solution to their customers.


When managing keys, Gill Aggregates had the process of having a key box inside the office where drivers could collect their diesel keys. Unfortunately, this system wasn’t very secure or efficient as the company often had the issue of keys going missing and having to get the keys replaced when they couldn’t find them. The lack of security also meant that any unauthorised person could break into the box to get the keys.


To solve their key management issue, the aggregates company, purchased a mechanical system from Keytracker. The mechanical system is the process of attaching a set of keys to the retention pegs provided. However, the retention pegs require an access peg to release it from its designated space, therefore making it very hard for anyone without an access peg to retrieve the set of keys. Since having the system in place, Gill Aggregates have experienced huge improvement ad no longer have the issue of keys or fuel caps getting lost or misplaced. In addition to this, all keys can be accounted for at glance which saves time on checking for keys.

“Buy it, it has allowed us to install a refuelling process that is safe and secure. Simone has been brilliant with answering our questions and suggesting products that suit our business’ needs”

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