CityLit has been inspiring and creating opportunities for adults since 1919 through learning. They have provided adults with the chance to go back to college to gain more knowledge or learn new skills. With many different courses to choose from there’s something for everyone to get into whether it’s art and design, business, history, science, languages or health and wellbeing.


Every academic institute needs organisation to make sure everything runs smoothly for everyone. Before CityLit purchased their Keytracker system, they had a basic key cupboard with hooks which wasn’t very organised or secure at all. It was harder for the company to tell which keys were missing or who had them. Trying to find out who had what key became a time-consuming job and the institute needed a change as their previous system was only causing unnecessary stress for their security team.


The company got into contact with Keytracker who were able to recommend a solution for them. This necessary conversation resulted in them choosing to purchase the mechanical system which provides the company with the ability to see not only if a key is missing, but also who has the missing key. The peg in, peg out board gives CityLit that added layer of security that they wanted as well so they never have to worry about keys suddenly going missing. The different coloured, labelled pegs also allow for clear identification and accountability.

“Key audits at the end of each day have become increasingly quick due to the easy layout of the keyboard. It saves our security a massive amount as keys are signed in and out from 10:00 to 21:30. Our key Pegs are labelled and separated into different colours for specific floors. This allows clear and easy identification and makes them unique to our building when lost or left behind in a classroom.”

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