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Rygor commercials is a Mercedes-Benz Van and Truck car dealership with 11 authorised branches located across the UK and they are committed to selling and maintaining their commercial vehicles to a high standard. After their establishment in the 1960’s as a family haulage business, Rygor Group turned into a Mercedes-Benz repairer in the 80’s before becoming a full dealer shortly afterwards.


Before being introduced to the Keytracker key management system, Rygor Commercials stated that they had an average keyboard along with paper labels to indicate what their keys were for. Their board did not supply the company with any type of security, which made it easy for staff members to lose keys in addition to them being accessible to unauthorised users.


The company decided to implement a new system into their business due to the number of keys that would go missing. They would often spend a lot of time searching for the missing keys, which were either accidentally taken home by a staff member or they would turn up in an unexpected place after looking for a long time. They decided to invest in a Keytracker system which highlights who has the keys at any given time. They coupled it with a list of retention pegs against each technician’s name on the inside of the secure cabinet door.

“Brilliant! I’ve used Keytracker at previous sites and am glad to be using them at my current site now too. Leanne has been superb answering all my questions and making things as simple as possible when it comes to ordering. Countless hours saved each day!”

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