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World famous luxury hotel, spa and golf-course, Gleneagles, were in need of a secure and modern system to track and monitor their keys to the numerous facilities throughout the estate. Signing keys in and out on paper was no longer up to standards for such a large business and vast amounts of valuable time was wasted completing this outdated key issuing process.

A new key management system was required to meet the high standards of security for such a popular and well-known travel destination. The system would also have to allow more control over who has access to the keys, and would also have to improve efficiency for staff, allowing them to work smarter.


After much research, discussion and evaluation, Gleneagles decided upon Keytracker to implement their key management systems. On recommendation Gleneagles Hotel purchased 3 Keytracker electronic key systems which integrate directly with their existing access control system.
Now 500 staff accessing keys save on average 5 to 15 minutes per day each, when checking keys in and out of the 3 remote locations. Alleviating the unnecessary pressure of issuing a large amount of keys from security allows the teams to work efficiently, without concern for key security or access.

Security Manager, Derek McQueen at Gleneagles Hotel said:
“The Keytracker system has increased security of key sets and improved our day-to-day operations. Generating reports on all keys to audit usage is easy and a great deal of time is saved for the approximate 500 users, saving anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes each, per day.”
After delivery, installation and the bedding-in period of the Keytracker systems, Derek McQueen said:
“First class. Adam Smith and the team couldn’t have been more helpful.”

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