Atkore is a global manufacturer with facilities located around the world. They are recognised globally as a leader in electrical, safety, and infrastructure solutions. Their products are used to power and protect the world, including Electrical Conduit and Fittings, Cable and Cable Management Systems, Infrastructure Products, and Safety and Security Products. They have a vast portfolio of products that meet all of their customer’s construction and renovation needs.


Before being introduced to Keytracker’s key management solution, the team at Atkore didn’t have a key management process in place, furthermore, the idea of having a physical system to manage keys and assets was a completely new concept for them. The company sought to increase productivity by reducing the time spent looking for equipment, as their valuable and essential items would often be misplaced.


After expressing their concerns, Atkore contacted Keytracker to help organise, monitor, and secure their essential assets. The company purchased a key management solution which has successfully reduced machine downtime and tooling loss, in addition to helping increase productivity for all company associates.

“The product was recommended to me by a member of staff who had used it before. Right from the start, I was dealt with in a personal and professional manner; Simone is a great account manager and made sure I knew what was happening with my order at all times. Give this system a try; you won’t regret it.”

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