Go European Motorhomes and Caravans enlisted the support of Keytracker to ensure that they had a key management system for their display stock.


Go European Motorhomes and Caravans were finding themselves continually looking for and replacing lost keys.
They were using a key hook panel to manage their keys but without any way of identifying who had removed key sets and users forgetting to put them back in place, they were often spending on replacing missing keys.


Keytracker looked at the issues and requirements the company had with regards to accessibility, security and accountability. The mechanical system for 40 key sets was identified as the most cost effective yet efficient for their needs. The system was installed and each member of staff was issued with an access peg.
When a member of staff needs to access a motorhome or caravan on site they simply retrieve the key required using their individually identifiable access peg. The peg remains locked in place while the key becomes free. If the user requires 3 or 4 sets of keys they simply have 3 or 4 personalised pegs.
When the user is finished with the key they need to replace it to its previous position to release their access peg. If another user wants to access the key whilst it is out of the system, they can instantly identify who has it and if necessary contact the user for the key. This saves companies like Go European Motorhomes and Caravans hours of their time each week, and it also eliminates the cost of replacing lost keys.

Mark Grimley, Director at Go European Motorhomes and Caravans said:
“Replacing keys was an unnecessary cost to the business, we are pleased to say since having the system installed we have not needed to replace a single key.”

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