Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty is a multinational leading infrastructure group who handle business across the globe. The billion-pound company have many subsidiaries, including their plants and fleet service, based in Derby, which manages all items of plants, from everyday tools to specialist strategic plant equipment. They also manage a sustainable supply of fleet vehicles for the wider Balfour Beatty Group.


Balfour Beatty’s Plants and Fleet Services had an old system that wasn’t giving the business the type of security they wanted. They had a wooden board with screws in, and each registration was written in a marker pen. They disliked their wooden board, and the process was very time-consuming. They decided that they wanted to replace it with something else but didn’t know what.


The company’s main issue was that they wanted guaranteed security for their vehicles but didn’t get that with their previous system. Keytracker was able to provide the mechanical system for the company, which was a great option for Balfour Beatty as they now not only have security for their vehicles, but they also have an easy-to-use system that allows them to track who has what vehicle.

“The best thing about the system is how easy it is to use and how it enables me to see who is driving what vehicle. It’s safe, user-friendly and manageable. It’s fantastic, we’ve never looked back, and we lie it that much that we’ve ordered a second one. Great service, great product, thank you!”

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