Award winning residential sales, lettings and property management specialist, Parkheath, enlisted the help of KeyTracker when it identified that the existing process for managing keys to the properties in their portfolio could be improved.


With more than 1000 keys to high value desirable properties in the North West London area and 40 employees who require access to those keys, their existing paper audit trail for signing keys in and out was no longer sufficient. Parkheath wanted to ensure security and data protection were at the forefront of their operations.
The risks with the existing process were that keys could still go missing, the paper system could be bypassed and no knowledge of who has keys would be recorded, placed on the wrong hooks, fall off the hooks and end up behind cabinets or even be found joined to another set of keys. There was also the possibility that keys could accidentally be taken home at the end of the day.


Since introducing a total of six mechanical KeyTracker systems and cloud based Key Control Software across their offices, all keys are now locked into place on anti-tamper seals when not being used, thus mitigating the risk of keys falling off hooks, or being bunched together with other keys.
Each employee that requires access to the keys was issued with an ‘access peg’ these pegs are unique to the individual and are retained by the system when the user takes a set of keys, instantly identifying them as being in possession of the keys set.
Whilst the secure self-closing push-button cabinets keep all keys secure, the clearly visible colour-coded KeyTracker system inside ensures all keys are in exactly their correct position at all times, or in use by a specific individual.
The cloud-based software records all key movements and sends auto alarms if keys are out too long, ensuring the safety of Parkheath personnel, and reports identify all property and personnel visits over a specific period.
The Parkheath logo key seals also ensure no keys are removed without authorisation, whilst promoting our commitment to key security.

Annette Ross, Lettings Director at Parkheath said:
“The system is excellent, it saves us time which in turn allows us to be even more responsive and give more time to our clients, which is invaluable.”

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