Tower Bridge and The Monument

The Tower Bridge has been an iconic tourist attraction in London for many years since it was first opened in 1894 by the Prince and Princess of Wales. The Bridge remains a significant part of the UK as it’s recognised globally. In addition to this, the Monument is also a great landmark, most recognisable for paying tribute to one of the UK’s most significant historical events, which was The Great Fire of London back in 1666.


The Tower Bridge and Monument organisation which manages all visits and security measures for the locations needed an efficient system that would keep an accurate log of who took which keys as well as inform the appropriate staff member of when they were returned. They also needed a system which would allow them to restrict access to particular keys in conjunction with granting access to authorised persons. These requirements were created before the ownership of Keytracker’s key management system and while the organisation’s process of managing keys was simply a handwritten log book.


The company purchased an electronic system to help with all of its wants and needs and has proved to be successful ever since. Their key management system is in a communal area, so anyone who needs to access it can easily get to it. The system is so efficient that it doesn’t require anyone to physically stand by the system to monitor it. Due to the system being used by over 50 staff members continuously throughout the day, it’s become a lot easier to check that all keys have been accounted for, at the end of the working day.

“It has streamlined the issuing of keys. Being able to leave the key tracker unattended and know that keys are not going to be taken without a record being left of who took them and what time they took them is reassuring. It also looks much more professional to issue keys in this way rather than logging by hand in a book. I would recommend it, It’s an excellent system and good value for money!”

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