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Renault Retail Group is a national network of over 13 automotive Renault dealerships and sells 1 in every 6 Renault in the UK. Offering their customers, the full range of Renault vehicles and associated products at great prices along with valuable advice based on years of experience and passion for the Renault brand. The automotive company has over 1,000 employees providing Renault Retail Group customers with a high-quality experience, to ensure that the business continues to thrive.


Before being introduced to Keytracker’s key systems, Renault’s Retail Group were using a cabinet with manual buttons that they needed to press in order to access the keys. This system didn’t adhere to all of the company’s requirements as regardless of having somewhere to place the keys, this didn’t prevent the keys from going missing. Staff members would be wasting valuable time trying to look for the keys and in addition to this the cabinet wasn’t very secure.


The company decided to implement a Keytracker system into their business after discussing all of the benefits of owning one of the systems. Renaults Retail Group are now able to get immediate visibility on when a key is missing as well as who has it. Being able to track and trace the lost keys has saved their many employees a lot of time as they no longer have to spend time searching for them.

“The benefits of a Keytracker system are the ease of use, not having to spend time looking for keys and the number of keys to an employee. It’s excellent in time-saving and tracking the keys.”

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