Keytracker has been the main provider of key management systems to the automotive industry for workshops, dealerships, garages, and private hire companies. Our Electronic Systems offer a key management solution designed to address the specific needs of the automotive industry, ensuring top-notch security and boosting efficiency.

Keytracker’s mechanical products range from secure master cabinets to peg-in, peg-out boards to block boards. They each work together to pair keys to the correct vehicles on the forecourts, with the addition of secure matching key positions and authorised users. The mechanical solutions allow staff to identify vehicles quickly and easily, eliminating time spent searching for the right key while helping to reduce customer wait times.

Streamline Security for Your Automotive Business

Trace every move of every key or asset and gain complete accountability with detailed audit trails. Restrict access to vehicles or areas with assigned keys which means non-authorised personnel can’t risk your security. Keytracker’s automotive key management systems will help to streamline and simplify all client processes, whether a large car dealership, an independent with a few cars, a depot, or a pre-delivery inspection centre. The Keytracker product range features a wide variety of solutions to keep track of keys and improve operational efficiency. Your auto garage or dealership likely has expensive tools and equipment. With RFID technology and advanced software, you can keep better track of these items. Administrators can then review who checked which items out, providing greater accountability and security.

Increase Productivity with Reliable Key Management

In businesses that rely on organisation skills to manage incoming and outgoing clientele, such as car dealerships or auto repair shops, inefficient key management can result in increased downtime.  Valuable time is also spent waiting for access to keys or waiting for someone with access to those keys due to an inefficient system. The disorganisation can lead to confusion and mix-ups which could potentially affect your clients and future sales. When keys are lost or damaged due to poor management, the immediate solution is often the issue of replacements, which incurs additional costs.

Why Choose Keytracker?

Enhance security and accountability by restricting access to vehicles and sensitive areas with user-friendly key assignments. Staff can retrieve assigned keys effortlessly through the secure Keytracker system, ensuring faster service and happier customers. With our systems in place, your company will experience improved organisation and you’ll save money with the minimised risk of lost keys and expensive replacements. Keytracker is more than just a key management system; it's an investment in the future of your automotive business.

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