Keytracker has been the main provider of key management systems to the automotive industry for over 20 years including workshops, dealerships, garages and private hire companies

The Top Solution for Automotive Key Management

For over 20 years, Keytracker has been the leading provider of key management systems for the automotive industry. Our systems are found in workshops, garages, dealerships, and private hire companies throughout the UK.

If you’re a business within the automotive industry and you require a wide variety of car key solutions, Keytracker have some of the best experience in the sector. Our longstanding involvement in the UK and abroad means that we are a trustworthy source of information and are able to accurately assess your current processes and update them as necessary.

These products work together to pair keys and vehicles on forecourts, allowing your staff to quickly and easily identify vehicles. This reduces the amount of time spent searching for vehicles or finding the right key, helping to reduce customer wait times.

Some dealerships have up to 2,000 vehicles in stock at any one time. The challenge of managing thousands of keys requires more than a manual system. When customers have wait too long for an employee to show them a vehicle or take a test drive, they may take their business elsewhere.

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re the owner of a large car dealership or an independent locksmith, our automotive key management systems will help to streamline and simplify your processes. Our product range features a wide variety of solutions to help keep you organised and track the keys that you use as part of your operation.

Whether you need a comprehensive system to manage all of your keys, or you simply need a single fob replacement, we have the right solutions to save you time.

Besides automotive key systems, we have a range of products designed to manage access to tools, devices, and equipment. Your auto garage or dealership likely has expensive tools and equipment. With RFID technology and advanced our software, you can keep better track of these items.

You may implement a system requiring employees to check out specific equipment. Administrators can then review who checked which items out, providing greater accountability and security.

For automotive key management and other item tracking solutions, contact us at Keytracker today. Enquire about these products, and discuss your specific needs to start protecting your keys and valuable equipment.

“In short the system allows us to do what was not previously possible. With a high volume of vehicles on site we had to make sure we were working smart. We needed a way to track the location and point in the process a vehicle is so that we can be as efficient as possible in our daily operations.” Bob Ruprah, Big Motoring World

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