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Ensuring tools, ladders and other equipment are managed securely and effectively is vital. Keytracker provides a range of solutions to manage valuable equipment and keys.

The Keytracker Smart Locker systems have unique and state-of-the-art RFID technology, smart charging facilities and provide secure storage for any type of device or equipment. The Keytracker Lockers intelligent software ensures all devices are charged before being removed by an employee from the lockers.

Also available are our Single Units perfect for drills or ladders, using our simple peg-in peg-out system it has never been easier to identify who has taken the asset attached last. Our Mechanical Key Systems use the same peg-in peg-out system to identify who has taken what key last.

How Keytracker Can Help

manage your key systems efficiently with keytracker

Improved Efficiency

Increase security with keytracker

Improved Security

increase productivity with Keytracker solutions

Improved Productivity

Keytracker solutions for key tracking in real time

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