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Use the affordable Keytracker locker system to securely automate the drop-off and collection of keys 24/7, offering contactless operation for the ultimate out-of-hours service – keeping customers and staff safe whilst boosting business potential.

Intelligent lockers from Keytracker are configured in ‘Drop-off and Collection’ mode to accommodate the smart delivery and collection of keys in 3 simple steps;

1) Your team loads a locker compartment by simply entering the customer’s email address at the touch screen and placing their keys into an available locker compartment ready for collection

2) The customer receives an email that contains a QR code and pin to allow fast key collection at their convenience

3) All transaction data is recorded within the cloud software, giving management a full audit trail including the time and date of key drop-off and collection alongside a HD image for every transaction

Available for both indoor and outdoor installation, these systems enable organisations to provide a 24/7 deposit and retrieval facility, allowing customers to access their keys at their convenience.

Not only convenient but key drop-off and collection lockers also provide a contactless, safe experience for users, providing a solution that meets the demands and concerns of modern living.

Programmed to deliver a fully automated and trackable process in real-time, these lockers help to achieve a seamless service whilst creating a wealth of other opportunities that promote organisational growth and improvement.

Starting at just £30 per week.

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The main benefits of Keytracker’s intelligent locker systems for ‘Drop-Off and Collection’ include:

  • Double skinned steel fabrication
  • Weather-proof construction and IP65 rated screen
  • HD colour camera for usage recording and QR code scanning for hands-free use
  • Generate unique pin codes for each locker or assign a random code which is automatically emailed
  • Ultra-secure design with concealed hinges and slam latch locking mechanism
  • Manual door override option for emergencies
  • Easy to sanitise for germ-free use
  • Each locker compartment measures 140mm (W) x 110mm (H) x 200mm (D) internally
  • Can be purchased separately or as a set
  • Rental options also available

Systems can be stand-alone or linked with Keytracker in-built software to allow remote access and “email on action” reports.


Intelligent locker systems for drop-off and collection can be configured to provide a range of automated services for a keys and many other items including, but not limited to, the following:

Keytracker - KeyLockerz Key Management Lockers for Drop-Off and Collection iLockerz  

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