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Quick access to equipment can be critical in emergencies. KeyTracker’s systems provide real-time visibility of who can access which items and when. This can help emergency and healthcare facilities improve response times, reduce the risk of equipment loss or theft, and ensure that equipment is appropriately maintained and ready for use. 

Our Recommendations:

“We are very pleased with the new system, it provides 100% better key management, and is great to instantly identify who has which keys. The service we got from the KeyTracker team was great, they were helpful and took the time to understand what we needed.” Graham Cann, West Midlands Regional Fleet and Resources Manager at St John Ambulance


With the ability to securely store and track medical equipment, such as defibrillators, medications, and personal protective equipment, KeyTracker's locker systems provide an efficient and effective solution to equipment management. 

Alternatively, KeyTracker's mechanical peg-in, peg-out board and electronic cabinets help to establish organisation, security and accountability when managing sets of keys. These bespoke solutions allow you to get a quick visualisation of who has what key while also keeping them in a secure location, only accessible to authorised staff members. 

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Our range of intelligent lockers ensures that equipment is kept safe whilst in storage, even being charged whilst in storage if needed. Business asset lockers used advanced, built in software to give real time information on the items being put into the locker, or removed, giving you a clear audit trail for everything that you store.  

KeyTracker’s mechanical peg boards are also a great way to ensure that only authorised personnel have access to your keys. From 5 to 150 keys, these are a great way to ensure that your keys are secured in one place, and only those with access and retention pegs are able to remove them at any given time.    

Why KeyTracker for Business Solutions

KeyTracker has provided mechanical and electrical solutions for asset and key management to a range of corporate industries for more than 25 years. KeyTracker has a strong reputation for providing excellent services in a range of industrial sectors, including entertainment, real estate and estates, transportation & fleet, and hospitality, ever since we realised there was a need for a solution combining numerous keys and assets.  

We are able to provide our global network a variety of case studies that verify the efficacy of our solutions because we currently supply into sixteen international sectors. To find the perfect solution for your company's needs, browse our items online or get in touch with our helpful staff.   

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