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Achieve Together is one of the UK’s most inspirational providers of support for people with learning disabilities, autism, PMLD, deafness, hearing loss and associated complex needs. For 25 years, they have spent their time helping these individuals gain more confidence and self-esteem while also focusing on them developing life skills and healthy relationships. They are constantly aiming to provide the best specialist support to ensure that everyone has the chance to live happy, healthy and meaningful lives.


Before being introduced to Keytracker, Achieve Together had a simple numbered system but unfortunately it didn’t allow them to identify who had which key. This was a huge problem for the company as some of their keys were for higher risk or limited areas so not knowing who had those keys caused a lot of confusion and frustration.


The solution to this issue came shortly after contacting Keytracker, who advised them to purchase a mechanical system which would help them to monitor the keys coming in and out. Since having the system in place, the company has been able to continue the amazing work that they do without the worries or stress of wondering where the keys to important places, such as their medication room, have gone. For Achieve Together, the peg-in, peg-out board is straightforward, manageable and effective, in addition to this obtaining spare or new items is quick and easy.

“The best thing about the Keytracker system is accountability. Each staff member is responsible for their key or set of keys. The keys are rarely misplaced, all keys are kept in one central location and if a key is missing, it’s easy to track down who has it. It’s seriously worth considering if you have A) a significant amount of keys and staff members who may need them and B) if there are particular reasons to add a layer of security.”

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