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Voestalpine Metsec plc is the UK’s largest specialist cold roll-forming company, providing products for the construction and manufacturing industries. They focus on adding value through expert design, precision manufacturing, and on-time full-product delivery. They combine excellent service and quality products to provide cost-effective solutions for their customers throughout the world.


Before implementing their key management solution, Voestalpine Metsec didn’t have an efficient key management process, so they contacted KeyTracker to help them find a suitable solution. They started with the mechanical system, which helped them keep their keys organised, enforced accountability among the team, and kept them in a secure space. However, the team wanted an extra layer of security and complete control over who could access what keys.


Voestalpine Metsec contacted KeyTracker again to find out more about the electronic key cabinets. After receiving more information and learning about all the benefits and features, the company decided to purchase the system. Since implementing the electronic key cabinet, the company can identify who accessed the system on what date and at what time. Additionally, the admin user can view all transactions, receive whole audit sports, and manage access permissions from any device in any location.

“All important keys that get used by many people are logged in the system, and one can access as many keys at any time, traceability of all keys when they’re not in the system, and there’s security as to who can access the system. Around 130 have access to the system. I can’t say how much time each person saves, but the reliability and security are important. It’s been quite good, we have had no issues, and there is support if needed. It’s a very good system and makes life a lot easier when there are so many keys to keep track of. Yes, if any other departments start to find it difficult to manage their keys, I would definitely recommend this system.”

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