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Keytracker's Mechanical Solutions offer peace of mind, no matter your business size. Our secure pegboards and cabinets keep keys organised and protected, with fast access when you need it. No batteries or software - simple, reliable control for even the smallest key sets. Choose from secure cabinets, convenient pegboards, and a range of accessories to tailor the perfect solution for your needs. Keep your keys, keep your cool.

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Keytracker's Electronic Solutions eliminates key chaos with smart cabinets and powerful software. Monitor every key, from checkout to return, with user logs and timestamps. Access granted? Only with your authorised tap or scan. Say goodbye to panic and hello to efficiency.

Electronically manage your key universe, no matter how vast.

Don't settle for simple locks or clunky software. Keytracker's hybrid solution marries the best of both worlds: robust mechanical solutions with powerful cloud-based software.

Don't just secure your keys, empower them. Keytracker's hybrid solution puts the "smart" in key management.

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Beyond secure cabinets and intelligent software, Keytracker unveils a world of accessory possibilities to fine-tune your key management like never before.

Whether you rely on our robust Mechanical Solutions or the cutting-edge power of Electronic Solutions, these ingenious add-ons elevate your control to a whole new level.

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Flexible Finance

All Keytracker products can be rented, leased or purchased, including “Try Before You Buy” rental and “Quick Swap” to a different plan, at any time.

Claim all Keytracker electronic key & locker system costs back against tax - A three-year policy of ‘full expensing’ for businesses will mean every pound a company invests in IT equipment, plant or machinery can be deducted ‘in full and immediately’ from taxable profits, a move worth £9bn a year, the Chancellor said.