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Fancy Working With US?

Keytracker career opportunities will appear here.
Please note that we prioritise quality and opportunity for unemployed applicants with good work ethics and can-do attitudes, preferring to invest in complete training over experience.
When applying, please consider what this opportunity could do for you, as well as what you can offer the company.
Keytracker recognises that top quality and knowledgeable staff are the core of the business.

Are you a computer wizard?

Are you enthusiastic, excited about the future, full of great ideas, write good English and just need an opportunity to prove yourself?

Recently finished at Uni or self-taught and yearning to learn more or put your great talents to good commercial use.

Then come aboard and let’s do this together, because we have developed the worlds best products in our field and need great ideas to improve and market these to the world.

We are - based near Birmingham in the centre of the UK- 50 committed specialist individuals that are all the best in our field - from software, hardware & cloud storage to installation, support and sales.

We are no start-up as we have been the best in our business for over 25 years. We have consistently led the market with new ideas and bold investments, putting everything back into our people and our business.

Paying good wages and bonuses, rewarding those that go that bit further and relying on each other to always deliver.

Not everyone makes the grade and we have lost a few, but I don’t recall the last time that anyone left by choice, so if you really are the best (or could be with the right encouragement and tools to get there) then email now, come and shine with us, show what you can really do, join our happy crew and let’s fly this ship to where it should be together.

Contact the boss directly by emailing your letter to [email protected]

We are always looking for sociable people that have drive, enthusiasm and a skill that is also a hobby.

If you are the best at what you do, or could be with the right encouragement and training, then send your CV & covering letter to [email protected] and we will help you get to the top of your chosen profession as quickly as possible.

If you could be the very best at what you do then there are always positions available to add to the Keytracker team in:
IT, software, hardware, networks, RFID, electrical or mechanical engineering, field sales, tele sales, assembly, installations, support, marketing and new product design.