Installation & Training

Our installation engineers are all trained to the highest standards and ensure that the installation process runs smoothly so that you’re up and running, controlling your keys and assets as quickly as possible.

Mechanical Solutions Installation

Following your quotation and contact with one of our specialists, Keytracker’s mechanical solutions will be delivered directly by our courier to be installed by you, or professionally installed by our installation team with on site training.

Due to the mechanical peg board being a power free solution, the Keytracker board can be fitted either within a specialised cabinet or directly to the wall; alternatively a slide-off wall bracket will allow the board to be fitted and removed easily, see the Mechanical Solutions for more details on this.

All mechanical solutions will be delivered with a full installation pack to ensure installation is a quick and easy process.

Should you require an engineer to fit the board or cabinet there will be an additional charge.

Instructions to fit Key Management System direct to wall

Electronic System & Software Installation

Unlike the Mechanical Solutions, our Electronic Solutions and Software must be installed by a Keytracker engineer.

Installation will take place on a day to suit you and, in some cases, can take up to a day depending on the size of the bespoke system.

On the day of installation both the system hardware and corresponding software will be installed. The software can either be integrated into an existing network or be stand alone, depending on your preference.
See the Electronic Solutions page for more information.

Additionally, training will be provided to administrators and your team either on the same or following day, depending on the size of the system and length of the installation process.


The Keytracker onsite training will be provided for Electronic Solutions and the corresponding software only.

Our specialists will ensure that all staff members understand how to use the Electronic Key Control System and that admin users know exactly how to utilise the software and bespoke report options. The training can last up to 4 hours and will be specifically tailored to your system, staff and company.

Our installation engineers will aim to conduct the staff training on the day of installation; however if a large system is being installed, training may need to take place the following day, at no extra cost.

All training will be arranged prior to installation.
For further information about the training please contact Support.

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