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Keytracker’s key management systems provide enhanced security for properties and their assets, which is crucial for protecting against theft, vandalism, and other unauthorised access. Eliminating the need for expensive rekeying and replacing locks can save time and money for property managers and estate owners.

Keytracker's electronic systems can improve overall operational efficiency by providing real-time tracking and monitoring of keys and access. This allows for quick and easy identification of who has access to which areas and when. This helps prevent access to restricted areas and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Overall, Keytracker's key management systems are a valuable investment for the property and estate sector, providing enhanced security and operational efficiency while reducing costs and risks.

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Key Management Recommendations

Keytracker’s key cabinets are ideal solutions for the property sector, offering safe storage and organised key systems for Estate Agents. With many properties to manage, securely storing keys is a significant task and our mechanical key cabinets offer features that encourage productivity and easier access for agents that require their keys. Depending on your budget and the volume of keys you have, Keytracker has multiple cabinet options with key hooks and accessories.

Identification & Tracking of Keys

Our peg-in, peg-out boards are great for coordinating keys so that you can keep track of who is in use of which keys; simply insert the access peg and remove the retention peg with the attached key. This mechanical system is simple to use, efficient in monitoring who has which property keys and even at a glance, you can view the available keys.

Keytracker’s cabinets and mechanical accessories are guaranteed to improve security, improve efficiency, and enhance a property management service. Our experience in key management assists companies in their administration of keys and assets so that there’s one less thing to worry about. As an alternative, we offer electronic locker systems that have charging abilities, tracking software and increased security for companies that have valuable assets like tablets or passes. You can rest assured knowing that with an intelligent locker system, any assets your company relies on will be safe as well as your keys.

Why Choose Keytracker?

We aim to bring affordable solutions to all business sectors whether they require better key management or secure methods of storage and key handling.  Our products are ideal for property and estates as they allow for the smooth running of operations and access to homes for viewings or Landlord check-ins. We improve the efficiency of your day-to-day tasks which as a result improves your customer service too.

How Keytracker Can Help

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Improved Security

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Improved Productivity

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