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Electronic Key Cabinet Management Systems

Secure and track your keys with an electronic key control box. Our range of top-quality electronic door locks and key cabinets guarantee that your keys are always secure and tracked.

The systems we use are easy to implement so that your keys are quickly accessible for your employees. Each user will receive unique login details. All transactions are immediately logged and submitted to an advanced key management software application.

We also partner with ECOS systems to provide a safe, original, key storage solutions available in the UK. We can work with your business to ensure that you have a secure option for securing your keys.

The intelligent cabinet comes in a variety of sizes. The large control panel is made to be easily accessible by your employees, establishing quick and secure access to keys or various other items.

You may even utilise RFID technologies for larger access control. With RFID tags, you are able to tag individual equipment or keys and trace their location through your building as they are transported past carefully positioned RFID scanners.

Cost-Effective Electronic Key Cabinets & Asset Management Solutions

The Keytracker goal is to provide businesses of all sizes with the perfect solutions for their key management needs, applying over 20 years of expertise and the very latest proven technology to exceed customer expectations.

Having originally developed secure mechanical key systems for auto dealerships, Keytracker products now offer the most comprehensive range of key management options.

From 5 employees to 5000, Keytracker systems always increase efficiency, save time and increase security.

Keytracker professionals work with every customer to carefully implement their correct management solutions for keys, tools, equipment, and other valuable items.

To explore these options with a practical & friendly Keytracker expert, email your enquiry today to [email protected]

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