Reward 2 Finder Subscription


This page is to reunite owners with their items and reward the kindness of those finding & returning the items.

Owners subscribe to £12 per year to register and receive a Reward 2 Finder number, which can be attached to any item(s), together with a link to this page, promising to pay a reward to the finder when any lost item is found.

The finder scans the QR code or goes to this page and inputs the number to report their find.
We then email or call the owner and follow their instructions to retrieve the item.
If preferred, we can send a label & packaging for shipping back to the R2F warehouse.
On receipt, the item is forwarded to the owner.

The finder receives their reward by direct transfer, cheque, or western union cash, either directly from the owner or via R2F as requested. A charity donation can also be made if preferred.

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Reward 2 Finder Subscription Form