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Mechanical key systems paired with key and asset tracking software provides a comprehensive method for managing, tracking, and controlling your keys & assets.

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FAQ - Key Control Software

Key & Asset Control Software is designed to further help your business or organisation manage your keys either on its own or alongside one of Keytracker’s key management systems (usually the mechanical Peg-in, Peg-out Board). The Key and Asset Control Software by Keytracker can help you track every event, build reports of all your events, track your user activity, and overall gives you total control.

There are many different benefits to using key tracking software within your business or organisation, a few examples include:

  • Improved security: Key tracking software like K&ACS (Key & Asset Control Software) can improve security by preventing unauthorised access to keys automatically.
  • Increased accountability: Key tracking software such as K&ACS can help to increase accountability of our staff by tracking who has access to what keys, and enables you to audit when they’re being used.
  • Improved efficiency: Key & Asset tracking software such as K&ACS can help your business or organisation improve its efficiency, with less hassle handling your keys, manually tracking information, and making it easier to find and return keys.

A contemporary answer to the age-old issue of key management is key control software. Compared to conventional approaches, it has several benefits, including better security, increased responsibility, and increased effectiveness.

Conventional key & asset management techniques, such paper-based systems, or physical key cabinets, are frequently time-consuming, ineffective, and unsafe. Key and asset management procedures can be streamlined with the aid of key & asset control software, which can also enhance security and accountability.