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Key Management Systems and Solutions

Keys and equipment are vital to every business, but keeping these secure while quickly accessible,
without time-consuming administration, can be challenging.

From a basic key safe box to electronic systems with advanced key control software, we have products to help manage and track your keys. These solutions are also suitable for tracking and controlling access to valuable tools and equipment.

Wide Range of Key Control Systems and Solutions

With our management systems, you can avoid misplacing keys or equipment, reduce the risk of theft, and reduce wasted time spent searching for keys.

Our line of products includes:

  • Key collection box
  • Mechanical key systems
  • Key cabinets
  • Electronic key systems

From a secure key box to a complete electronic key management service, we have solutions to meet your needs. Our mechanical systems are affordable and perfect for any setting.

With our electronic control systems, you can give each user a custom login. When combined with our key management software, you can automatically track every key that is removed from the storage box or cabinet.

We also have a variety of RFID technologies to provide complete tracking of expensive tools and equipment within your organisation. With our RFID door gateways, you can prevent employees from leaving a designated area with specific items.

Reliable Service and Dependable Key Systems

At Keytracker, we strive to provide the most dependable key management system solutions. Over 20 years ago, our key management company was established to help businesses manage their key sets. We have continued to expand our services to provide a greater range of solutions for our clients.

Our latest products include intelligent key cabinets. These cabinets allow you to track each item or key that is removed from the cabinet. Each user has his or her own login, ensuring that employees are held accountable for the items that they use.

Whether you need an electronic key cabinet or a mechanical key system, we have a solution to meet your needs. We also have a price promise, ensuring that you always get the best deal.

Contact us today to discuss your key management needs and get a free price quote.