Tesla Inc. is a multinational billion dollar automotive and clean energy company. Current CEO and well-known billionaire, Elon Musk, took over the business in 2008 and the company has definitely grown significantly since it was established back in 2003. Their impressive range of electric vehicles, battery energy storage, solar panels and solar roof tiles has intrigued people from all over the world.


The billion-dollar company are always thinking into the future as they design, manufacture, and sell tech-savvy and eco-friendly vehicles to achieve customer satisfaction. The staff at Tesla can focus on selling their vehicles when they are reassured that all important assets in the building are secured and in an organised space. They purchased a mechanical system from Keytracker a while ago and recently decided that they needed more accessories to complete their system.


Since having the complete system, they’ve been able to enjoy the full benefits of owning a Keytracker system which involves taking full advantage of the different features such as the safety feature, the high security and ease of use for all staff members. Another benefit is Tesla has synced the system with their RP system, so they now have a seamless workflow and increased efficiency.

“The best thing about the Keytracker system is the safety feature and it’s synced to Tesla’s ERP System which has made our day-to-day operations easier. With more than 40 staff using the system each day, we have saved approximately 10-15 minutes a day. I would recommend the same system for other departments within the automotive industry and not only in the workshop/service sector.”

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