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SD Vehicles is an automotive dealership based in Upton, Nuneaton, specialising in selling high-quality second-hand cars. The team at SD Vehicles pride themselves on being used car finance specialists as they can assist customers in finding the most suitable vehicle based on their monthly budget.


Before implementing Keytracker’s key and asset management system, SD Vehicles’ key management process involved a cardboard box. Keeping their keys in a cardboard box wasn’t secure and allowed quick and easy access for unauthorised personnel. There were many risks with keeping the keys in an unsecured location, such as theft of the cars, loss of keys, there’s no way to know for sure who had it last, and as a cardboard box could easily be sealed, the whole box could have been stolen or misplaced.


To solve this issue, SD Vehicles purchased a key management system to help organise, secure, and monitor the outgoing of their keys. Since the implementation of the system, the company have prevented the loss of keys and enforced accountability among the team. The keys are no longer being left in the cars, and there’s always immediate visibility on who has the keys at that moment.

“The best thing about the Keytracker system is that the keys are easier to find and track. It’s easier than a cardboard box”.

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