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Southampton Freight Services is a family-owned international freight forwarder and logistics provider. Since 1998, the company has been fully independent, offering air, sea, road and international courier services. Delivering exceptional service is always at the forefront of the company, as their main goal is to make their customers happy.


Before being introduced to Keytracker, Southampton Freight Services had a very basic key management process involving placing keys in a locked box. This process wasn’t a secure or efficient system for managing their keys as it was unorganised. It didn’t provide any indication as to who had what key at what time, which proved to be frustrating for the company.


Southampton Freight Services contacted Keytracker to solve this issue. They explored the different solutions before deciding that the electronic cabinets were what they needed to manage their key usage. The solution secures the keys and prevents unauthorised access with the multi-factor authentication feature. The company also has full access to an audit trail that displays information such as which user took which key, at what time, and if the key has been returned. This system allows the company to trace each key back to all previous users, enforcing accountability among the team.

“A few benefits our company has gained since implementing the electronic solution are improved security, clarity of who has what key and a key-out report. The best thing about the system is the traceability of keys; it’s more beneficial than you think. In addition, the after-sales service was of a high standard.”

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