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Initially, two established and successful businesses (S&B Commercials and Orwell Truck & Van) joined forces in 2018 and now operate as Motus Truck & Van. They aim to keep the country moving by providing high-quality Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles to customers across Hertfordshire, Essex, and East Anglia.


Before being introduced to Keytracker, Motus Truck and Van had a key management process that involved placing the keys on a manual keyboard within a locked cabinet. Although this process handled the security element, it didn’t fulfil all of the dealership’s requirements. The company has over 250 vehicles to manage, so they must be able to monitor who has access and track any damage to the vehicles.


To solve this issue, Motus Truck and Van purchased a key management system from Keytracker, which allowed them to monitor any damages or poor parking and identify the last user for each key. The system has also prevented car theft and the loss of keys while improving productivity. Staff members can focus their valuable time on ensuring the business runs smoothly in opposition to wasting time searching for or organising keys.

“Good investment and security that takes away the mundane burden of key management and frees off time for anyone who needs access to it. We have around 70 people, which saves significant time searching every key for a match reg number.”

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