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The University of London had identified an issue with the way keys in student accommodation sites were being managed. Originally 7 student accommodation sites and one administration building were identified as requiring a system for managing keys to areas within the campus building, as well as master keys to student halls and areas such as rooftops and boiler rooms.


The university needed to ensure keys to areas that were out of bounds were securely stored to ensure the safety and security of students living in the residential buildings. These same keys however needed to be easily accessed by security and maintenance professionals across all 7 residential sites.

The administration building had a similar issue but with keys to a variety of office spaces; these keys needed to be readily available to only those who were authorised to use the facilities and security staff.


Keytracker worked with University of London to provide 8 electronic key management systems for the 8 locations. The systems, which can hold 520 key sets and have pin code access with individual codes for each approved user, allow staff to see who has removed a key and at what time.

Each key system holds the master keys for the corresponding building and are linked together with Keytracker Software allowing quick access to approved staff as well as a full audit trail.

Andrew Howarth Deputy Head of Residential Accommodation, at The University of London said: “Since having the systems installed across our sites we have seen a decrease in time spent finding the correct keys for a building or area and have full visibility of who has accessed keys at what time and for how long. It is now obvious if a key is missing and we can easily identify who has it, the system also makes people more accountable for ensuring shared spaces are left clear and tidy.”

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