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Robins and Day by Stellantis & You is an automotive dealership with over 40 dealerships and service workshops across the UK, as well as two parts distributors. The highest quality vehicles and service is guaranteed when interacting with Robins and Day, which is expected as it’s owned by the Peugeot, DS and Citroen brands. Since its establishment in 1913, the multi-million programme maximises the visual appeal of its dealerships and provides a more enjoyable, modern environment for its customers.


Although having previously owned a KeyTracker system, Robins and Day came across another key and asset issue that their mechanical system couldn’t solve. The automotive dealers decided that they needed a system that would provide them with the ability not only to see when keys were missing and by who but also where the keys were at any given time to eliminate any chances of their keys getting lost again.


Robins and Day decided to upgrade their mechanical system to an electronic system where they could receive live up to date information on where their keys were located which was a massive benefit for the company.  The electronic system is easy to use, provides management visibility, and is a more modern design. The company now get organisation, additional security, and the ability to find their missing keys or assets through an online device from anywhere, all wrapped up in one.

“KeyTracker provides great support and is always there to help us. I cannot complain in the slightest. Buy one. The investment is well worthwhile and will future-proof your business for years to come if anything it will save on buying hangers that go missing.”

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