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Although having been established in 2001, it was in 2009 when Pier (UK) Ltd decided to start a service where they hire Vacuum Excavation on to their customers. Since 2015, they have been the UK’s market leaders in vacuum excavation and can assist their customers with civil engineering, construction, transport and utility projects, providing them with the safest and most efficient service that they can offer in vacuum excavation.


Pier (UK) Ltd is a well-organised company, evident in the way they handle their business to the great customer service that they provide. However, they didn’t have an efficient key management process in order, and any disorganisation could have easily disrupted other elements within their business.


The company decided that they needed a new system as soon as possible as they wanted something easy to use and manage as well as something that would give them the security that they were looking for. Although uncertain of the exact system that the establishment had in place beforehand, KeyTracker knew that it wasn’t working for them. Pier contacted KeyTracker with the hopes of a perfect solution, and KeyTracker delivered just that.


Pier wanted something that the staff could store their items in without worrying about whether they were secure or not. After listening to the company’s concerns, KeyTracker supplied them with their popular and secure cabinets, which are heavy duty and supplied the client with self-closing door hinges and a digital push-button entry lock system.
They loved this system as it gave the company everything they asked for. So they decided to order from KeyTracker again, this time getting the key hook panels to go with the cabinet, which makes their system even easier to maintain.

“The best thing about the KeyTracker system is that it’s easy to use. It’s very secure, provides easy access and comes in a good range of sizes. I have already recommended the system to others in our business”

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