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Lookers is an automotive dealership established in 1908, with multiple stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company has developed a great reputation for their excellent service of providing new and old cars in addition to car servicing and selling car accessories and parts. Their wide range of automotive brands and different car buying solutions has given them the worthy position of one of the top three retailers in the UK.


When it came to managing keys, the company didn’t have any process in place. After a while of relying on themselves to remember where the keys were kept and who had possession of different keys at different times, the company realised it was time for a change. They needed a system that was dependable, organised and efficient enough to host all their keys.


The company contacted a sales team member from Keytracker to discuss the key management systems they have to offer. As a result, Lookers purchased one of the mechanical systems, which has allowed the company to have all keys in one clear space, which is easily accessible for anyone with the personalised access pegs. Their keys are now organised and easily accounted for as well as being able to prevent the long, wasted time that used to be spent searching for keys.

“The Keytracker system is easy to use, the cars can now be moved by anyone in our team, there’s no wasted time looking for keys and we have more efficient working days. Make sure you invest!”

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