Amazon is a multinational corporation that focuses on eCommerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence. They are one of the most influential businesses in the world and are now globally recognised as one of the most successful brands. After being established in 1994, the company is currently worth over $4.8 billion and is the number one site used by buyers, resellers and entrepreneurs.


The billion-dollar company decided that they needed a system that was easy to use and that provided a secure and efficient solution to their problems. After their own research as well as a conversation with Keytracker’s sales team, they concluded that they needed a dependable process as soon as possible and eventually decided to use one of Keytracker’s systems to maintain organisation in the workplace. 


Beforehand, Amazon’s main challenge was that they needed a dependable system to store their items. They wanted their equipment to be in monitored storage, in order to efficiently manage the usage of their specialised tooling, such as their ladders and walkie-talkies. Their previous process was time-consuming and unreliable as they would have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out who were taking certain department’s walkie-talkies as well as struggling to prevent the unauthorised usage of their ladders.


Keytracker resolved this problem by providing Amazon with one of the Single Unit Systems from Keytracker’s mechanical systems. The Single Unit System, also known as the T1, was exactly what the company needed. The system allowed Amazon to lock their ladders and other special equipment with very little fuss. The T1 was designed with the intention of increasing security and user’s peace of mind, which is exactly what Amazon gained through their time of using this key system.

The company is now able to detect the pegs within a controlled environment which allows them to keep track of who’s using the equipment and when it’s being used. There’s no more uncertainty on who’s had access to the equipment which means no more unauthorised usage.

“It gives us total control of who can access restricted items in the workplace. It stops untrained operators from accessing the ladders, a register is kept of which members of staff have which numbered keys so it can be monitored, and it has stopped different departments from taking items from other departments. The Keytracker staff are always helpful, and I would recommend them highly.”

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