Green Bridge Community Housing

Green Bridge Community Housing (GBCH) is a supported housing provider in South and West Yorkshire and the West Midlands. They empower vulnerable adults to (re)integrate into mainstream society by providing safe and secure accommodation and tailored support programmes. Through tailored, person-centred support and quality accommodation, their vision is to equip adults with complex needs with the skills and resources they need to become influential, positive, active, and engaged members of their communities.


Green Bridge Community Housing is still a relatively small but growing organisation. Therefore, they didn’t have a suitable key management process in place before the introduction of KeyTracker. They only had a few properties to manage, so they used a small box to monitor their keys. They decided they needed a new and improved process as their portfolio and team started to expand. They wanted to accommodate not only their current keys but also their future keys. 


After contacting a KeyTracker sales member, Green Bridge Community Housing decided that a mechanical peg-in, peg-out board would be the best investment for their key management process. The system has allowed them to monitor which user has taken what key, enforcing accountability among the team. The user-friendly system will enable them to prepare for the incoming of more keys and team members. 

“I would highly recommend KeyTracker, as it played an instrumental role in facilitating efficient operations. The system is perfect for any growing organisation. Everything is clearly outlined and there is ease of usage. We can clearly monitor who has taken a key, so there is clear accountability.”

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