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Salts Healthcare is one of the UK’s oldest, family-run companies that has grown to become a highly successful international medical device manufacturer. They have dedicated their business to designing life-changing products. Salts is split into two divisions: Salts Stoma Care, which designs and manufactures stoma care devices and additional products; Medilink, a national network of 19 Dispensing Care Centres that supply and dispense stoma care and continence products by all manufacturers. Salts Healthcare invests heavily in research and development and works with healthcare professionals and educational facilities to continually improve and innovate, designing products that truly change lives.


Before being introduced to Keytracker’s key management system, Salt’s Healthcare didn’t have any kind of security system in place to help them manage their keys and assets. They wanted to keep track of what tool was in use and also who was taking what key in a more efficient way. In addition to this they also wanted to enforce full accountability among their staff so if an asset went missing then they could easily find out who was responsible for the item.


The healthcare business purchased a Single (T1) Unit which allows them to lock away single tool items, examples of this includes screwdriver or ladders. The Single (T1) Unit works the same way as the Peg-in, Peg-out board as it requires an access peg to release the retention peg which is attached to the item with an Anti-Tamper seal. Ever department has an access peg with initials engraved on it so Salts Healthcare can now limit who uses the tools and they can also track any lost tools to the last person to use them.

“We are impressed with your system, it’s a very simple yet effective way of locking away tools. It’s a very simple system to use and the team member I was in contact with was very helpful. I am happy and impressed with the product.”

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