The safe and secure management of keys and assets is essential for the smooth operation and safety of academic institutions such as universities and schools. It is crucial for the safety and protection of equipment, staff, and students. Keytracker’s systems provide an efficient and practical key and asset management solution. 

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With this technology, academic institutions can track and manage assets and inventory, including keys, with greater accuracy and efficiency. The RFID technology allows for real-time tracking of items, reducing the risk of lost or stolen assets and improving the overall security of institutions such as schools and universities. 

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RFiD Technology & Tracking

RfiD (Radio Frequency Identification) technology can be integrated into seamlessly into technology supplied by Keytracker. Our intelligent lockers make a great addition to educational settings, ensuring that assets are secured throughout the day for both staff and students, and that technology can be charged and tracked with ease. Whether it is personal item storage or business asset loans, Keytracker’s solutions offer transparency across a vast area with real time updates on intelligent lockers.  

Alongside these lockers, RFiD technology can also be used across vast areas to ensure that tagged property is always tracked. RFiD Mapping ensures that tagged keys and equipment can be logged across vast educational campuses with full transparency so that the risk of loss if significantly reduced.  

Educational Asset Management with Keytracker

For more than 25 years, Keytracker has offered mechanical and electrical solutions for key and asset management to a variety of business industries. Ever since we discovered there was a need for a solution combining multiple keys and assets, Keytracker has built a solid reputation for offering top-notch services in a variety of industrial sectors, including entertainment, real estate and estates, transportation & fleet, and hospitality.  

Being able to provide into sixteen worldwide industries allows us to offer our global network a choice of case studies that attest to the effectiveness of our solutions. Browse our products online or get in contact with our friendly staff to discover the ideal solution for your business's needs. 

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