Mechanical Peg-in, Peg-out Board (5-15)

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Never spend time looking for keys again:
All keys will always be in their correct numbered position, or it is clear exactly who has them.

Mechanical Peg-in, Peg-out Board

For Home or Office use:

Every set of keys is sealed to a numbered white peg in the matching keyboard position.

A user simply inserts their peg to release the keys.

Their user peg is not released until the keys are returned to their correct position.

The mechanical pegboards come with a complete set of Retention Pegs, Seal Cutters and a number of Access Pegs (dependent on board position size).

To purchase additional retention or access pegs or for pegs for an existing system, please see ‘Access Pegs‘ or ‘Accessories‘. Alternatively, call, email or chat to us live to request an individual quotation, or use our ‘Contact Form‘.

50 Key System Rental Option £12.50 per Week

Additional Information

To view the specification sheet for the KeyTracker Mechanical Systems, please click here.

5 Key Position Board – 5 Retention Pegs, 1 Access Peg, 15 Anti-Tamper Seals, 1 Seal Cutter

10 Key Position Board – 10 Retention Pegs, 2 Access Peg, 15 Anti-Tamper Seals, 1 Seal Cutter

15 Key Position Board – 15 Retention Pegs, 3 Access Peg, 15 Anti-Tamper Seals, 1 Seal Cutter

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