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Opex Logistics is a Bristol – based logistics company who pay close attention to their customers’ wants and needs as they enjoy growing with them. Since the company’s establishment in 2003 the company has grown significantly and so have the services that they offer to their customers. Their excellent logistic services are fuelled by their core values which are to focus on reliability, integrity, overperformance and compliance.


Before being introduced to the Keytracker system, Opex Logistics didn’t have a key management process in place which made organising and managing their keys and assets very difficult. They had no way of tracking their missing keys and due to the number of keys that they had to manage, keeping their keys organised and secure wasn’t an easy task.


After hearing about Keytracker’s systems, they decided to implement one into their business as they wanted to enforce the high level of security and they were drawn to added ability to track every movement of the keys. Being able to control their forklift and vehicle keys as well as gaining access to a report on the times that the drivers are going in and leaving has improved Opex’s day-to-day operations.

“The main area where we benefit is the ability to speak to IT when help is required, Arran in particular has been a great point of contact who always helps to answer any questions we may have. The relationship has developed as has the understanding of the system as time has gone on. The system works for OPEX and satisfies insurance when theft has occurred”

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