Doves Volvo Horsham

Doves Volvo Horsham is an automotive dealership and home to a wide variety of eye-catching cars. They are the supplier of vehicles that are luxurious in design and made with practicality in mind. As well as brand new Volvo vehicles, they also have an extensive range of used Volvo cars waiting to be discovered. In addition to being an Authorised Repairer of Volvo cars, Doves Horsham is now an Authorised Repairer of Polestar electric cars.


Before being introduced to Keytracker’s key management system, Doves Volvo Horsham kept track and monitored their keys on a piece of paper which became extremely unmanageable for them. In addition to this, they wanted to be able to audit trail all of their site keys.


Doves Volvo Horsham spoke to a member of the sales team at Keytracker, and they were able to provide the company with an electrical system which gives them a full audit on all keys through the key control software. With the electrical system, physical staff interaction is not needed as they can access the system through their mobile devices from anywhere, they wish.
Each key system holds the master keys for the corresponding building and are linked together with Keytracker Software allowing quick access to approved staff as well as a full audit trail.

“The system is more efficient, and staff can see immediately, if the building is open or not from the tracker cabinet on the way to the site. My journey with Keytracker was brilliant, from order to installation they kept me fully updated with all aspects of the installation and commissioning.”

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