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Chevron Traffic Management works with clients in utilities, construction, rail, highways, local authorities, and events to create safe work zones to protect your employees and the general public. They manage traffic for organisations working within Utilities, Construction, Rail, High-Speed Network, Local Authorities and Events which need to disrupt normal traffic flow to complete a project. They specialise in the provision of temporary traffic management throughout the UK as they work with their customers to use the most up-to-date technology and innovative systems to ensure the absolute safety of employees, contractors, and the general public.


Chevron TM were in possession of Keytracker’s mechanical system and although it gave them that sense of security, with their company constantly evolving with the latest technologies, it was only natural for them to want a more technologically evolved key system.


After getting back in touch with Keytracker, the automotive company decided that they wanted to purchase an E-track electronic system. This has given them that additional security and has enabled them to identify the last driver of vehicles when that vehicle has been damaged. They can locate vehicles promptly when required for servicing and repairs and they can give access to technician without staff having to be physically present at the time.

“We have approximately 68 users. It is difficult to give a saving time, but we no longer have the situation were keys go missing, so the time-wasting aspect no longer exists. We have been very pleased with the performance of the system, so would strongly recommend people try it!”

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