The Car Co

The Car Co is an established used car dealership located in Bury, Manchester. They provide a vast range of pre-owned models from some of the world’s favourite showstopper cars such as the Tesla, Porsche, Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes, Maserati and more. With so many amazing, high-quality vehicles for sale, customers are sure to get their perfect car for the best-valued price.


This company runs a high-quality service, and so it was only natural for them to want a high-quality system in addition. Their previous system was just a normal process of putting the keys on a hook and peg. This process worked for the company in the beginning. Still, it started to cause problems as they were unable to monitor their keys efficiently and not only that, but they wanted to be able to keep their keys in a secure location which they felt they couldn’t do with their previous system.


The Car Co decided that a change had to be made, and so after speaking with a sales team member from Keytracker, they went away with having purchased one of the mechanical systems. They’re now able to track their keys and lock them away safely and securely, in addition to being able to prevent theft and a convenient numbering system.

“In comparison to our previous system, this one is more organised and systematic. It’s easier to take accountability for keys, we can prevent theft and the numbering system is convenient. It’s worth trying and implementing into the business.”

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