Cappagh Browne Utilities Limited

Cappagh Browne Utilities Limited (CBUL) was formed in November 2014 following the award of the Sewerage React and Maintain contract for Southern Water. Under this framework their skilled workforce, maintain service to Southern Water customers using the most up to date techniques, plant, tools, and equipment.


Before being introduced to Keytracker’s key and asset management system, CBUL, had a small, lockable key box to store their keys and assets. Although the box required a key upon access, it still wasn’t the most secure system and it also failed to help the company to keep track of what keys were going in and out in addition to was in possession of those keys.


After speaking with a member from Keytracker’s sales team, CBUL, decided to change their key management process and purchased an electronic system. The system gave them the power of traceability as they can now keep track of who is taking and returning their vehicles and plants, in addition to any damages that may have occurred. If there were any damages, the company can easily identify who should be held accountable.

“It’s a good way of monitoring plant and vehicle usage, it’s extremely secure and also been approved by our insurance company. I would recommend it; I think it’s a very useful product.”

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