London Borough of RedBridge Council

Since its establishment in 1965, the London Borough of Redbridge Council has prided itself on ensuring its community is a serene and happy place for all individuals and families. The council have worked hard to implement an effective and meaningful plan to help better their community, actively focusing on issues such as health and safety, the neighbourhood, employment, and eco-friendly ventures.


Before implementing Keytracker’s key management system, the London Borough of Redbridge’s process relied on manual record-keeping and a basic sign-out sheet. This process was time-consuming, prone to errors, and needed more efficiency for their growing business. In addition to the inconveniences, this process was unsecured. It allowed space for incidents such as lost or stolen keys or assets.


After speaking to the sales team at Keytracker, the council decided to implement the electronic key cabinet as this was a more streamlined and secure solution. With the system in place, they could reduce the risk of misplaced keys, enhance accountability, and improve overall operational efficiency. The system provides real-time tracking, accountability, and instant accessibility to key information, which has eliminated the inefficiencies and errors associated with our previous manual processes.

“The Keytracker system has significantly enhanced the security of our premises by ensuring that only authorised personnel have access to keys. The electronic log also allows us to monitor key usage closely. With the system’s automated tracking and retrieval features, our staff saves valuable time, which has also increased overall productivity. The system has virtually eliminated instances of lost keys, minimising the costs and disruptions associated with key replacement. 

We are extremely satisfied with the Keytracker system and appreciate its positive impact on our daily operations. The system’s user-friendly interface and robust features have exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Keytracker.”

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