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The Car Group Ltd was established in 2014 and has since been an approved dealership that specialises in quality used cars at competitive prices with a full range of dealer services including finance, warranties, and service. Based in the centre of Bury town centre in Greater Manchester, The Car Group has grown year on year since its conception and now stocks over 500 cars, all RAC Approved and with a 225-point inspection.


The car dealership did not have an efficient key management process in place and struggled for a while to keep all keys and assets in an organised space where they could easily manage them going in and out. The lack of a Keytracker system resulted in missing keys and an issue of not knowing who was in possession of the keys.


After speaking with an employee from Keytracker, The Car Group resulted in purchasing an electronic system to manage all of their keys and assets. The system is secure and ensures the users that all important keys are safe and can’t be accessed by unprohibited users. The system has prevented the loss of keys and allows the employees to get an immediate visual on when a key is missing, the location of the key and the latest employee to be in possession of the key which enforces accountability.

“The system is easily accessible, reliable, safe, and secure. Over 20 staff members use the system, and it saves a lot of time!! NO MESSING ABOUT! I would highly recommend to potential customers”

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