Leicestershire County Council

The county council for the English non-metropolitan county of Leicestershire was established in 1889 following the Local Government Act 1888. With 52 electoral divisions and 55 councillors as a team they have worked together to be the best representatives for the locals as they possibly can. Their top priority has always been to serve the people of Leicestershire through many different sectors such as education and children, health and wellbeing, environment and planning, business and consumers, jobs and volunteering and more.


An esteemed council such as the Leicestershire County Council can’t support the people of Leicestershire without proper management taking place in all areas. The council didn’t have an efficient system in place beforehand which caused many issues for their waste management team. They previously had no knowledge of the location of specific containers ‘nor real time information of their contents except for a spreadsheet manually completed daily with telephoned information from each RHWS. 

They saw the potential of KeyTracker’s functionality to enable their Waste Management operations to track the location and waste content of their 250 containers across more than 20 locations in real time.


The council chose to put their trust into KeyTracker to supply their waste management team with a system that would meet their requirements and more. KeyTracker listened to what the council wanted and supplied them with the Key Control System which allows them to track all of their key movement in great detail.

The Key Control Software gave them everything that they required and desired as it provided real time information on the demand for haulage services passing between 20 remote locations and their haulage fleet management enables more efficient vehicle movements. Their RHWS managers can monitor in real time, the spare capacity of all waste streams at each of its sites. Third party waste collectors have access to the system as well so that they have visibility of their own waste streams and can plan collections more effectively by visiting only those sites where there are full bins to be emptied. 

So, although, the organisation doesn’t use the Key Control Software for key management, it still provides them with what they were looking for, which was a way to manage their RHWSs containers and haulage fleet more effectively and efficiently.

“KeyTracker provides real-time information and keeps an audit trail of all activity. Data input is simple, easy and being web-based is readily accessible from a variety of devices. KeyTracker was able to deliver that primary goal in a very cost-efficient solution. KeyTracker was instrumental in helping us to understand how their key system could best meet our unique ‘Container Management’ requirements. KeyTracker’s sales team also fully supported us and we were able to liaise directly with system developers to customise to our requirements”

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