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Motor Range Liverpool first enlisted the services of Keytracker after identifying opportunity for improving the security of vehicles, as well as improving the efficiency of daily operations and ultimately providing the best in customer service.

As the dealership grew, the operational team identified that with more vehicle keys to manage, security and accessing keys quickly was becoming more challenging. To address this issue Motor Range called in Keytracker to provide an advanced key solution that could grow with the business.


  • Multiple key users from a variety of departments across the site
  • Risk of unauthorised access to keys with existing cabinets
  • High insurance premiums
  • Lack of real-time information on keys and assets
  • Risk of having to replace lost or misplaced keys
  • Time spent locating keys and assets was slowing the team on an operational level, meaning less time to spend with customers
  • 10,000 key movements per month on average
  • Risk of vehicles spending too long in a specific stage of the process going unnoticed
  • Risk of losing sales


After outgrowing their existing system, the Keytracker team worked with Motor Range to create a solution that would provide maximum benefits to the challenges of security and efficiency identified.

The solution specified was the Keytracker E-System, which provides a live tracking and auditing facility for all key sets at all times. The system has 480 secure key positions and is encased in a XXL locking cabinet and features incorporated biometric fingerprint access.

From the moment a vehicle arrives on site the Keytracker system allows users to track each stage of its journey from delivery through to body shop, valeting, photography, test drive and is finally removed from the system when the customer collects the vehicle. The benefit to having this visibility is that vehicles are instantly located and any issues with vehicles spending too long in the preparation process can be easily identified and addressed.

With multiple users and a large volume of keys, the Keytracker E-system has provided a secure way of tracking more than 10,000 key movements every month.

Steve Pearce, Operations Manager at Motor Range Liverpool said:
“The Keytracker System has proved invaluable to us, since we have had the system in place we are able to track the whereabouts of every key on site and only authorised users can access the cabinet and retrieve the key that is securely locked in place, this control has meant that since having the system not a single key has been misplaced or lost.”

“We have also seen some fantastic operational benefits to having the system too, our team take more accountability to ensure the keys are returned, the system has had a favorable impact on insurance premiums and countless man hours have been saved looking for lost or misplaced keys”

Adam Smith, Business Development Manager at Keytracker said:
“Motor range Liverpool are a great customer of ours, we have worked with them for the last couple of years and it is great to see the benefits the system is providing in supporting the team daily. Since Motor Range introduced the electronic system they have had more time to spend with the customer instead of tracking down keys across the site, as well as having a major effect on security and accountability of stock vehicles.”

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