Aston Martin

The global brand, Aston Martin, is known for their style, luxury, performance, and exclusivity. They use the latest technology, time honoured craftsmanship and beautiful styling to produce a range of critically acclaimed luxury vehicles. With the vision to be the world’s most desirable, ultra-luxury British brand, Aston Martin has found success since establishing the brand in 1913.


Before being introduced to the Keytracker system, Aston Martin were using a locked cabinet with a manual T-card system to put keys in and to take them out. This standard system didn’t give them as much security as they were hoping for as they wanted to be able to quickly identify when a key’s missing and who is in possession of them at that very moment.


The company decided to purchase an electronic key management system after speaking with a sales team member, and hearing about all of the benefits that come along with it. Their system allows for easy traceability when a key is missing and therefore providing knowledge to the whereabout of the keys as well as who is in possession of them at that moment. In addition to this, multiple users can use the system at once which is a great advantage for the 20 technicians and admin staff.

“The Keytracker system is more secure and allows us to see who is in possession of the keys. The process was easy to set up and the system has not let us down over the last year and a half. Aftersales are easy to contact and are polite and efficient.”

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