Alexander Paul GB Dealership

Alexander Paul GB is an automotive dealership based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Established in 2014, they specialise in selling high-quality, used cars. They sell a wide range of luxury performance vehicles, and they also offer a service of valuing customers’ cars and buying it from them if they’re looking to sell their vehicles. Since its establishment, the motor dealership has traded over 1000 vehicles and has become an expert in its field. They always put their customers first and cater to their every requirement, whether it’s sourcing the vehicles from another place, delivering the cars to their location or if customers are selling their vehicle, then collecting it from their location for free.


Before being introduced to the Keytracker system, Alexander Paul GB’s previous process for managing keys and assets was storing their keys in a money box along with key tag labels. Due to the expansion of the business, keys were always getting misplaced and the number of keys that they had became unmanageable with the system that they had in place. In addition to this, they also had the burden of taking all keys off the premises at the end of every workday because their management system wasn’t secure enough.


After communicating with Keytracker’s sales team, the motor dealership decided to purchase a mechanical system from Keytracker. The system has provided the company with a professional and organised process, and it has made their large number of keys a lot more manageable. They’re now able to easily trace who has what key and they get immediate visibility when there’s a missing key.

“It’s a foolproof system, the vehicles are labelled correctly, keys can be securely stored and found easily. It’s definitely worth the investment, it’s easy and straightforward.”

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